September 25, 2012

Hi everyone!!

These past few weeks have been quite intense. We are now working on the second half of the documentary journey, the post-production of Our Pachao.

Priscilla, the Ifugao translator, did a great job with transcribing/translating most of our Ifugao interviews.

My dear computer did its part too with converting 1.5 tera of footage into an editable format. Thank you for not dying on me.

We are now editing the documentary since last Monday, Sept 17. We are also considering our options for the voice over, while the scoring artist already sent us a draft version of the 1st track.

Thank you to the great crew Paula Gupana, Steve flor and Marc Misa.

Keep tuned people! I also added some of our ocular photos.

See you soon!

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August 30, 2012

We are back after 7days shooting! All alive. There are few wounds and busted knees from night walking and long trekking, but this was overall a very successful shoot. The weather was cooperative to our surprise and everything just fell into place.
We got insightful interviews, more than expected. There wasn’t a day of rest, we all came back exhausted but happy. The crew was very dedicated. I cannot thank them enough for their hard work. We climbed hours every day but at the end it will pay off, I’m sure.
This saying, the second part of this project will be dedicated to the transcription and translation of the interviews from Ifugao language (local dialect) into English. We have 2 weeks to accomplish this. Mid-September, we will be in the editing studio to put the story together. Stay tuned for the Behind the Scene pictures…
I’ll update you very soon! Thank you!
PS: A very special thank you to Nena Ortoll and Chari Montilla for their donation!

August 14, 2012


We have now 7 days left to sort out the last details before the shoot. We recruited our last crew member, Marc, who was in London and just came back on time to be our production/director assistant. He can’t wait to have a good workout in Batad! Yes, there will be hundreds of stairs to climb up and down 🙂

We have finalized the equipment, script, shot list and schedule although the latest may change due to weather condition during the shoot. It is monsoon season so forecast is quite unpredictable.

Let’s cross our fingers for a cooperative weather next week. I’ll update you before we leave next week.

Have a great Tuesday and see you soon!

August 1, 2012

We just came back from a successful ocular last July 26-27, 2012. The crew visited the place and its great amount of stairs, met the community and took B-roll while testing the equipment.

If the video equipment is finalized, we still need to perfect the sound.We also realized that minimal amount of equipment should be carried while walking in the rice terraces. It can become impractical and indeed dangerous.

On our second ocular day, we witnessed an inheritance ritual in a house in Batad. On that occasion, the parents gave their rice field to the first kid. The ritual started at 5am. Two chicken were killed by the shamans (monbaki) in the Ifugao hut. By 8am, the step family headed to the rice field to harvest. When the first four bundles of rice where brought to the house, the shamans proceeded to the singing and dancing around the pig until this one was slaughtered.

We were able to film the ritual and got good footage from it.

We now have 3 weeks left before the shoot. More update to come soon.

Thank you for your dedication!!

Photo Credit: Steve Flor

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